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Who We Are

RonberClear – A Tradition Of Excellence

Ronberclear can clean by both high pressure jetting and ultra high pressure jetting for your surface preparation cleaning. We can clean residential commercial or contract work, we also have the capability’s to do high level window cleaning(up to 60 foot).

As well as industrial cleaning we can also offer other services-

    • Conservatory Roof Cleaning
    • Driveway Cleaning
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Fascia/Soffit/Driveway Cleaning

Here at Ronberclear we strive on offering the best service available, we dedicate ourselves to be professional, fully insured, reliable, courteous and to complete the job to the highest standard.

We have over 200 customers commercial and residential all over Greater Manchester and we are getting more and more from recommendations weekly.

All the services we offer comply fully with Health and Safety and a risk assessment or method statement can be provided.

WAHD – working at heights derivative .

The Health & Safety Commission has announced that the new Working & Height Regulations 2005 (S.I.2005 No 735) became law on April 6th 2005. The full reports can be found here (The Work at Height Regulations 2005 – A brief guide) and here (HSE Information Sheet MISC613 – Safety in window cleaning using portable ladders) in PDF format. Our cleaners work from the ground, so there’s no need for any ladders, however the 65 feet long poles mean that we can access previously inaccessible areas.

Our industrial cleaning services

Having a rescue team on hand for those tight to clean places

Confined space rescueAnyone in the industrial cleaning industry (whether that’s window cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning or large scale vessel cleaning) has had to deal with having to clean a confined space or tight space that’s narrow and short in height, with steps down to enter and then steps up to exit. Not to mention, you have to get all your cleaning equipment in, use it and then get it back out. If you have ever cleaned an abandoned tunnel or tank, you will most certainly be able to relate to these scenarios!

These spaces are tricky and a nightmare (especially if you are claustrophobic). They are also extremely dangerous and can also be life threatening. this is because often, there isn’t even room to stand up, entry and exit point are restricted and depending on what sector the company is in, that you have been called out to clean – there could also be poisonous gases or vapours lurking in the atmosphere.

Some companies rely purely on the emergency services in the event a clean goes wrong but this is the WRONG strategy to undertake. The emergency services are not correctly trained, nor do they have the correct equipment to undertake a confined space rescue. It is a great idea to employ a confined space rescue team to ensure that your staff are safe.

If your company regularly cleans confined spaces – these could be high rise buildings or tanks, vessels and silos for example, it is a good idea to perhaps have a risk assessment undertaken to highlight whether or not you have any vulnerable aspects of your business. It really could be the difference between life and death.

A risk assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork , but rather about identifying sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace.

Check out the video below:

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high pressure jetting

High pressure jetting services have been trained by the UK’s leading High pressure jetting provider We own and use the very best high pressure jetting and ultra high pressure jetting equipment available. This provides us with the ability to take on even the most difficult of jobs, no matter what area of industry.

The most crucial benefit of employing our ultra high pressure jetting program is generally due to its power to get rid of substance while not damaging the inherent properties of the equipment or building or surface that’s being washed. It is because the temperature is diminished. As a consequence – almost all negatives that are associated with heat and high temperatures are minimised. Allowing materials (such as crud) to be eradicated with no damage to the apparatus.

RonberClears jetting services are used for a multitude of cleaning solutions, including:

  • Removal of moss and algae
  • Intensive cleaning of stone and brick
  • Descaling commercial buildings
  • Tank cleaning
  • Exterior building cleaning
  • Food factories
  • Surface preparation cleaning

We even have the ability to clean driveways, steps, roads, sports courts and literally anywhere that has grime and pollution.

We work in conjunction with who specialise is industrial cleaning and have expert staff, that have been in the industry for almost 3 decades. They are available advise on the correct product to use when high pressure water jetting. Unlike other industrial cleaning companies, we use a closed loop system – this means that we never waste water and the water is constantly recycled, making ronber a legitimately GREEN company!

Cleaning dirt, grime and debris off stone and other surfaces\equipment can be a long and extremely tough job. We can complete the hard work for you in just a fraction of the time, it would normally take you and your company. We provide expert advice and services when it comes to high pressure jetting and ultra high pressure jetting!

Our teams operate nationwide! We are available 7 days a week and 365 days a year – get in touch today!

See how powerful ultra high pressure jetting can be in the video below

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Why Choose Us?

How much do you charge?

That’s one of those “How long is a piece of string?” type of questions! The price is dependent upon the frequency, how dirty your windows are in the first place and, of course, the amount of glass that there is to clean.

What is so special about High pressure jetting?

if you pour a glassful of tap water over a window and wait for it to dry, you will notice that it leaves a stain on the glass. This stain is a combination of the minerals, chemicals and organisms in the water. Our water passes through a high-tech filtration system to remove 100% of the impurities.

The impurities in water are measured in parts per million and are referred to as Total Dissolved Solids. The TDS reading for tap water in a soft water area will be around 200 PPM and 400 + in a hard water area. The water that passes through our system has a TDS reading of 0 PPM. This means that when the water dries, there are no residual marks or smears.

Quality Commitment

We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan.

Do you offer any other services apart from ultra high pressure jetting?

Yes we do. We offer scheduled or occasional fascia and soffit cleans, conservatory deep cleans, we will also in the near future be offering driveway and patio cleans.


We use RonberClear for all of our high pressure jetting and industrial cleaning services.

I’ve been happy with the services provided by RonberClear. They has been wonderful! They return my calls quickly, and answer all my questions.